Lighting Market Facts


According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration the lighting usage in 2021 for both the residential and commercial sectors of the United States was about 219 billion killowatthours (kWh) of electricity. This was about 10% of total electricity use. This useage included residential lighting, commercial and institutional buildings, and public street and highway lighting.

"Commercial / Industrial"

This is MEBULBS primary market and it is a very profitable one. We sell replacement lighting to existing Commercial/Industrial customers but also sell in new construction. This market has almost unlimited potential. While many of our products can be used in homes, that is not our primary market. Every single commercial business is a potential customer.


LED's account for the vast majority of all lighting sales. We continue to improve our products with higher light output, whiter light, increased efficiency and longer guaranteed life. MEBULBS' LEDs and traditional products continue to raise the bar for High Quality, Long Life, Excellent Color and the longest Guarantees in the industry.


In the United States, demand for energy-efficient lighting products is expected to continue to grow 2.5 percent a year through 2028 and beyond. With MEBULBS's Xtrabrite Technology we will be at the forefront of providing lighting for today and tomorrow.


LEDs are taking over the lighting market and is one of the fastest technological shifts in history. MEBULBS is on the forefront of this wave of technology with Industrial Quality Product that is built different and better!


MEBULBS sells only the very best lighting products, backed by the longest written guarantee in the industry. Every day, we help our customers replace their inefficient, poor quality lighting with our Xtreme Duty™ products that save time, effort, energy, and money.