A Fantastic Career Awaits You

"Do I need to have sales experience to succeed?"

No, MEBULBS' sales representatives come from various backgrounds, work and educational experiences. No experience is necessary. We are willing to invest the time and effort to train the right candidate.

"What are you looking for in a candidate?"

We are looking for candidates that are outgoing, self-motivated, have that competitive drive for success, and are coachable and trainable. You bring the desire we will give you the tools.

"What would the position entail on a daily basis?"

We engage customers in a face-to-face business-to-business environment. As a MEBULBS sales rep you will interact and build relationships with decision makers and provide them with the products or services that best suit their needs. Our objective is to maximize a business's revenue by assessing their specific lighting requirements, and providing them with a cost efficient solution.

"How long does it take to get into a leadership position?"

On average it takes 6-10 weeks to take that first step into leadership position with MEBULBS. In order to get promoted it is important to have the work ethic, communication skills and ability to mentor and develop others.

"MEBULBS prices; do they compare?"

Whether customers are looking for top of the line Premium Quality or standard residential lighting found at big box stores price is not an issue. At MEBULBS we have a bulb that will fit every customer's budget.

"Why is direct marketing more effective than others?"

Face-to-face marketing proves to be the most effective. By building relationships and establishing trust with our customers, we are bringing a more personal approach to sales. Other forms of marketing are becoming old news. When was the last time you responded to a telemarketer, direct mail, or internet pop-up?