We've been here since 1974.

ME Building History

Company History

Maintenance Engineering was founded on January 17, 1974, in Fargo ND, by President Curt Kesselring and Dennis Leno.

For over four decades Maintenance Engineering has been the leader in energy saving, high quality, long life lighting products.  Quality has always been our number one goal.

Our staff of engineers source the best lighting components and manufacturing facilities in the world to make products to our exact specifications. In the 70’s we were pioneers in energy efficient lighting with our Multi Watt Incandescent design; now we are leading the industry with the brightest and longest-life LEDs, our Xtreme Duty Hybrid Fluorescents, and many other cutting edge, high quality products.

Our network of highly trained sales representatives provides our customers with the best possible on-site service. We take pride in their expertise in solving customer's lighting problems and saving them money.

Maintenance Engineering has fostered a healthy employee environment from its inception. The home office has been smoke-free since the seventies.  We have an indoor running track, complete weight room, and fitness center for our workforce and their families to use and enjoy. This culture has built a strong and loyal workforce that has made Maintenance Engineering the #1 Premium Quality Industrial Lighting Company in the nation.

ME Platinum Club

Recently, Maintenance Engineering joined forces with Superior to better serve our customers. This merger will provide a deeper and broader product line for our customers, with faster adoption of new technologies. The merger will also improve our ability to help our customers to order online, contact their sales representative, or learn more about all of our products, saving our customers time, energy, and money.

ME Superior

Our collective years of expertise and strong work ethic have helped Maintenance Engineering, and now Superior, to become the #1 Premium Quality Industrial Lighting Company in the nation. The commitment to quality is reflected in our company's long-term repeat customers, expert sales force, and first-rate employees paired with our state-of-the-art facilities. What this company sells in just one year could illuminate an eight-foot-wide hallway from New York City to San Francisco. In a country where nearly 5.5 billion light bulbs are sold annually, Maintenance Engineering is the largest independently owned industrial lighting firm. These principles insure a solid and profitable future for Maintenance Engineering and Superior!

ME Chicago Warehouse